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My Heart Supports The Troops

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Welcome to the "My Heart Supports the Troops" Web Site, a place where anyone can help those in the military.

Last Updated: Thursday January the eighteenth, 2018 [About Zero Nine Fifteen (9:15 AM for you civilians)]

--- There has been a time change ---
This year, we will be starting the box packing meetings at 2:00 PM instead of 3:00 PM

Added a link [just down this page a bit] for a GREAT DJ - if you are in mid Michigan and in need of one.
The winners for the 2017 Raffle are posted below....

Corrected the Times, Days and location for the Easter weekend show.

The Birch Run Expo Center has changed owners and has a new name.
Now it is called The Frankenmuth Credit Union Event Center.

Added the Themes up to just after the 4th of July on the 2018 Events Page.
Click Here to check them out

There are several functions and such that are either not on the page or the details are not confirmed yet.
As soon as we get the info, it will be put on the web site - Check back from time to time :) ....

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Since March 2003, a small group of mid-Michigan men and women have met regularly
To box up packages for Active duty, Reserve & Guard military serving overseas, see About Us for a little more information.

Many currently or have had immediate family members serving.
Others have discovered a wonderful way to show gratitude to all those in uniform.

We're all volunteers and represent all ages, political views and backgrounds.
We're a non-profit group; all monies donated are spent for postage and contents of the packages,
see the events page for 2018 to see when we are meeting next or where we have a display set up.

If you would like to see a few pictures, you can start Here.

Sometimes, money is collected for special projects, see Family Support.

Thank you for visiting our site! Please feel free to stop by anytime!

There are links at the bottom of each page to help you find your way around.

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A couple of the questions we hear often are:
Where can I take my donation and who can be on the list?

Sooooooooooo, 1st: Folks can drop off "Stuff" at..........


Cheryl' Logo

Located in the Sign Screen Plaza
406 S. Center Rd Suite “A” Flint, MI

[Just South of Robert T. Longway Blvd]

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat During normal business hours
Phone: (810) 742-8000


At the Burton VFW Post #2777
located at 2260 S. Belsay Rd, Burton MI


You are always welcome to stop by any of our events and Box packing meetings.
The Times & Schedule are listed here Events 2018

Feel free to E-Mail us HERE
or call us at: (810) 938-4388 or (810) 629-2072 to make other arrangements
as well as for more information or if you’d like us to pick some things up.

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2nd: How does MHSTT get the names???

Here is how it works.

Any member of America's military serving in Afghanistan, Iraq or that part of the world
can get their name added to our group’s mailing list, by family, friends, Battle Buddy &&& etc.
A phone call, e-mail or snail mail {MHSTT P.O. Box 320 112, Flint Mi. 48532} is all it takes...

Once we receive their name and mailing address, we will then pack them a box at our next meeting [sometimes sooner]
and send them a welcome letter & questionnaire.
Because of the time they need to respond, we will send up to three boxes.

However, we MUST have either the questionnaire mailed back [a pre-addressed envelope is included]
or an e-mail with the questions answered before we can send any others.

There are two main reasons for this:

First, when they respond, it tells us that the address is valid and the box was received by the person it was intended for.
Second, we need to know their return month.

ANY & ALL information received from them [or you] is kept in the strictest confidence and CAN NOT be given out to anyone!
When we have the answers to the questions on file, we will continue to mail our care packages to them for the rest of their tour.

Since boxes do not follow them when they rotate home, we normally stop mailing approximately
6 weeks prior to their Rotation home date.

If you have someone or know of someone who is serving in Iraq, Afghanistan or that part of the world,
please let us know so we can add them to our mailing list.

So the short answer is ANYONE can add someone's name [From anywhere & any Branch of the military !!!] to our mailing list - ALL FOR FREE...
Still not sure --- Contact us and ask!!!

As of the end of 2017 MHSTT has mailed well over 20,000 Boxes full of smiles...
To 2,000 DIFFERENT people, some of them for more than "Several" deployments...

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The current weather in Baghdad and Afghanistan

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Thank ALL of you for helping with our M-1, Henry Rifle & Hand Made Quilt Raffle!!!
The winning tickets were drawn on Wednesday November 29, 2017 just before 6:00 PM.
At the Burton, Michigan VFW Post #2777

The winning numbers were:
1st Prize the M-1 Garand went to ticket #0658
2nd Prize the Henry 30/30 went to ticket #0211
3rd Prize the Hand Made Quilt went to ticket #0574

All three prize winners have been notified or the prizes delivered and again, congratulations to the winners.

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This is our next raffle.
As you can see, it is for Three great prizes............

This is one of the ways we raise money.
This year [so far] it costs $13.60 or $17.35 for the "Flat Rate" boxes.
The #7 box is priced by weight [and can be much more]
That is just for the postage to mail each box.
Then there is labels, tape, copy paper, ink BLA BLA BLA and what is inside them ;)...
Did I mention the cost of postage etc. is going up again next year.....

It will also help "Marines Taking Care of Kids" with the cost's of running their 501c program.
If you would like a [some] ticket(s), just let me know and we can make it happen [I'm your Huckleberry ;)].

Flyer Image

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If you would like to get in touch with us by "Snail Mail", please use this address:

My Heart Supports the Troops
P. O. Box 320 112
Flint, Michigan 48532

If you would like to help or just more information about our group that isn't already here, please send us an E-Mail

We hope you enjoy our web site and stop back often.

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We all seem to get wrapped up in our day to day problems and just getting by.
Taking for granted all the normal things we think we deserve.
Not realizing the cost paid by a group of men and women some 6 decades ago so we can have the freedoms we enjoy.
Make no mistake about it, the folks who have fought since WWII and are even now fighting for freedom deserve our thanks.

But this group of hero’s is getting smaller each minute...
"Before You Go" is a wonderful tribute to The people who fought for Freedom in the Second World War

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The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country,
throughout their service to the nation.
For over 75 years, the USO has been the nation’s leading organization
to serve the men and women in the U.S. military, and their families, throughout their time in uniform.
From the moment they join, through their assignments and deployments,
and as they transition back to their communities, the USO is always by their side.

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Support our Troops

This Logo, as well as this web site in it's entirety, is copyright protected.

If you would like to use any of the information or graphics on your web site or for any other reason,
Please send your request to Cheryl here.

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Until they ALL Come Home

Until They ALL Come Home!

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This site can be viewed with any browser.

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Do you need/want a great Disk Jockey??? These folks are VERY good!!!!.

Disk jockey card

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Yellow Ribbons

Would you like to read some Letters from the Troops that have been sent to us?

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Our web site was opened on February 26, 2005


This is how many "folks" have stopped by to visit.

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Last Updated: Thursday January the eighteenth, 2018 [About Zero Nine Fifteen (9:15 AM for you civilians)]

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