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This is our current "HOT LIST"!!!

These items are what is ask for by our troops and what our group needs the most for the boxes we send out every other week.
As well as the supplies we go through in the packing etc.

So if you would like to donate to MHSTT to help in our box packing, Please use this list as a guide line.

Packaging tape (we go through miles of this stuff)
Ziploc type baggies (All Sizes - Especially Snack & Quart)
1X2&5/8 peel and stick labels (Avery #5160)

(Please remember when you go shopping, that the travel size generally works the best.)
(Both for packing as well as for them (fits in their cargo pockets).

***Baby wipes (UNSCENTED)
***Eye Drops
***Foot Powder
***Hand sanitizer
***Sun Block
***Mens white tube socks
***Fans (Battery operated)

Travel size Pillows
Twin size flat sheets
Bug Repellent (with Deet if you can)
Bite Sticks (to sooth the bug bites)
Hats (Baseball)
Disposable Cameras
Small flash lights
Small Rugs
Batteries - All Sizes but especially Double A's
Surge Protectors, Extension Cords
Phone cards at least 500 minutes each (AT&T work best from Kuwait)
Small rolls of Duct tape
DVD Movies
Music CD’s
Portable DVD & CD players
Games (board & battery operated)
Hand Warmers (for the cold season, ESPECIALLY in the Afghanistan Mountains)

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What to Send

This is a “short list” to give you some ideas as to what MHSTT recommends sending to our troops over seas.

If you don’t happen to have anyone to send “stuff” to, and would like to, they do!!!
I’m sure they would be VERY happy if you’d like to donate to their on-going "Care Packages From Home" program.

Food stuff for both Men & Women:

Ramen Noodles
Summer Sausage
Vienna Sausages - Canned Meats (ham, chicken etc)
Box Pizza Kits (not frozen)
Pepperoni Sticks
Taco Kits – like the pizza ones
Mac & Cheese
Canned chicken & Ham
Beef Jerky
Crackers & Cheese
Crackers & Peanut Butter
Instant Potatoes & Packaged Gravy
Soups - all kinds
One can meals - all kinds, including microwavable
Slim Jim's
Instant coffee
Powdered hot chocolate
Kool-Aid (pre-sweetened of course)
Tea bags
Gatorade (powdered)
Powdered (Spice) Cider Mix
Crystal Lite
Peanut Brittle
Potato Chips etc (Small lunch box size)
Homemade & Store Bought Cookies
Cakes & Breads (in canning Jars)
Cereal - Hot & Cold
Salsa & Tortilla Chips
Peanut butter - small jars
Home made & store bought Jams - small jars
Little Debbie snack cakes
Rice Krispy Treats
Microwave popcorn
Granola bars
Power bars
Dried fruit
Spices (Onion powder, garlic powder, spice all, etc.)
Hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper packets, relish, Mayo
Breakfast Bars
All kinds of Candy, Nuts, Mints, trail mix & Gum

Other stuff for both men & Women:

All the various Holiday Decorations
Pictures from Home/America
Letters from Home/America
Handmade items
Clothes Pins
Laundry Soap (tablets please)
“Small” Cutting Boards
Nail clippers
Small mirrors
Writing Journals
Pocket Cameras
Bug & Fly Strips
Mouse Traps
Bug Repellent (with Deet if you can)
Bite Sticks (to sooth the bug bites)
Neck Tie/Ankle “Coolies”
Chap Stick
Travel Size Pillows
Baby wipes (small packages)
Eye Drops
Shaving Cream & Razors
Tooth Paste & Brushes
Bar Soap
Stick Deodorant
Foot Powder
Hand sanitizer
Shower shoes, slipper socks
Shampoo, conditioner
Aftershave lotion
Sun Block
A big fluffy towel
Skin so soft (Avon)
Body lotion - Hand cream
Dental floss
Baby powder
Combs /brushes
Cotton balls
Breath mints
Contact lens cleaner
Zip Lock bag's (All Sizes)
Hats (Baseball)
Bandannas (Dew Rags)
Hand Warmers
Cleaning Supplies (Clorox and Lysol wipes etc)
Small Brooms w/Dust Pans
Single size sheets - Mattress Pads
Small flash lights
Small Rugs
Air Fresheners
Brushes (all kinds)
Batteries - All Sizes
Surge Protectors, Extension Cords
Phone cards at least 500 minutes each (AT&T work best from Kuwait)
Reading Material - pocket book/Magazines, jokes & comic books
Small rolls of tape (Duct - Packing etc)
Puzzle Books (all kinds)
Writing Materials (paper, pens, pencils, envelopes, Journals etc)
Fun Stickers
DVD Movies
Music CD’s
Portable DVD & CD players
Silly Toys (Frisbees, squirt guns, balloons, Yo-yo's etc)
Battery operated games
Board/card games
Footballs, baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls etc (include a pump)
Battery operated Fans
Dart boards
Hackie sacks
Jump ropes

For Women:

Feminine hygiene products
Hair bands
Hair clips
Nail polish
Body sprays
Hair spray (Pump)
Hair gel

ANY other “Silly Stuff” that may make them laugh/give them a break from the great job they are doing for you and me.

Feel free to E-Mail Us if you have any questions
Or call: (810) 938-4388

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1 Package of wide mouth ½ pint or 1 pint canning jars. (The ½ pint is easier to mail)
1 Cake mix of your choice (any flavor will work).
Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees
Wash jars in hot soapy water - rinse is hot water. Make sure they are completely dry.
Make cake mix according to the directions on the box. Spray the insides of the jars with a "No Stick" spray.
Pour ½ cup of cake batter into a ½ pint jar (1 cup for 1 pint jars).
Place on a cookie sheet and bake:
½ pint jars - 15/20 minutes
1 pint jars - 25/30 minutes.
While the cakes are baking, wash the lids and put them in boiling water. (KEEP THEM HOT).
When the cakes are done, place the lid on the jar (make sure to shake off any excess water first). Screw the bands on and wait for them to pop and seal.
Send only the ones that seal.
Do not frost, pack a can of frosting.
Wrap each jar completely in bubble wrap and place in the center of the box with whatever else you plan on sending around it to give a little more protection.


It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

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