It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
In Memory of Our Heroes From Genesee County, Michigan.
Who gave their last full measure of love for America in Iraq and Afghanistan .

Forever in our Hearts.

Never to be Forgotten

Army - Sgt Michael F. Pedersen
April 2, 2003

Army - PFC Jason M. Meyer
April 8, 2003

Air Force - Ssgt Scott D. Sather
April 8, 2003

Army - Ssgt Brett J. Petriken
May 26, 2003

Army - SPC Artimus D. Brassfield
October 24, 2003

Army - SPC Richard Kennedy Trevithick
April 14, 2004

Army - SPC Randy Stevens
April 16, 2005

Army - Capt. Lowell Thomas Miller 11
August 31, 2005

Army - MSG Anthony Yost
November 19, 2005

Army - PFC Allan A. Morr
February 22, 2006

Army - Sgt Joshua Youmans
March 1, 2006

Marine - L/CPL Brandon J. Webb
June 20, 2006

Marine - SSgt Raymond Plouhar
June 26, 2006
From Lake Orion Michigan
Genesee County Recruiter for 3 years

Army - Sgt Robert Paul Kassin
July 19, 2006
Flint Native Son

Army SGT Jeremy DePottey
September 11, 2006
Flint Native Son

Army - Sgt Thomas G. Wright
May 14, 2007

Navy - PO1 Ross L. Toles III
June 18, 2008

Navy - SCPO John W. Marcum
September 12, 2008

Navy - HM3 Ben Castiglione ("Doc Stiggy")
September 3, 2009

Army - Spc Joseph D. Johnson
June 16, 2010

Marine - SSgt Nicholas A. Sprovtsoff
October 28, 2011

There is a complete listing from all the states Here

Please remember ALL those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom stationed all around the world.

NEVER to be forgotten!!!

Harry Martin Jr.

In Loving Memory of Harry E. Martin, Jr. (August 22, 2006)

Harry was a Loving & Dedicated member of My Heart Supports the Troops since March of 2003.

We will never forget Harry's Smiling Face as he taped over 3000 packages for our troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan & many other places.

Harry is now our "Guardian Angel" who is watching over America's troops.

His devotion & dedication will never be forgotten by all the members of
My Heart Supports the Troops!

A Great Big Salute & Thank You to Mr. Harry E. Martin Jr.

Jack Wilson

In Loving Memory of Jack Wilson (January 14, 2010)

Jack was a very hard working & Dedicated member of My Heart Supports the Troops.

A Great Big Salute & Thank You to Mr. Jack Wilson
We will NEVER forget you!!!

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